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Group Coaching

Senior Swim Lab

Senior Swim Lab


CANCELLED as of 3/16


What: A one-hour session of hands-on instruction in a warm pool. We gently and patiently explore:

• Ease, balance and relaxation in the water

• Elements of efficient freestyle (crawl) swim technique

• Breathing with freestyle

• Sustainability

In this playful environment, we interact with one another, and teach and encourage one another under the guidance of Total Immersion Swim Master Coach Shane Eversfield.


Who: This is a fun, safe and educational environment for seniors who want to learn how to swim, or improve their current technique. Regardless of current skill, expect to increase your level of enjoyment and engagement. We welcome:

• Beginners new to swimming

• Novice swimmers who have some experience but still struggle

• Recreational swimmers who want to refine their technique and sustainability



• Tuesday & Friday afternoons, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm



• Island Health and Fitness (downtown location: 310 Taughannock Blvd.)

• Warm Pool


• $12/class, payable at the Front Desk at Island (includes entry fee to Island)




Morning Masters Swim Group



CANCELLED as of 3/16



  • 10 - minute assemble on deck and drylands drills
  • 20 minute in-pool warm-up with drills
  • 45-50 minute freestyle swim task-oriented intervals 
  • Always with technique focus
  • 50 to 400 yard range for individual interval
  • 2400-3000 total yards
  • Feedback from on-deck coach Shane Eversfield
  • Periodic video recording with commentary, emailed to you
  • Drop-in fee: $10 IHF members, $12 non

Run Lab

Learn efficient and comfortable running with Coach Shane Eversfield!

Focusing on strength, conditioning and fundamental running techniques, this class will help you prepare for consistent, engaging and injury-free endurance running for varying terrain and surfaces.


All levels welcome! 


CANCELLED as of 3/16


Small Group Training Room, Island Health & Fitness

MEMBER: $150


For more information contact Shane Eversfield:

Total Immersion Level 1

Coming Soon!


Tuesdays 6:30 - 8:00 pm



Member: $160; Non-Member: $180


Learn to swim freestyle in a relaxed
environment and warm pool.
Emphasis on efficiency,
sustainability and enjoyment.
Taught by Total Immersion™ Master
Coach Shane Eversfield.

Sign-up today at the Front Desk!

Total Immersion Level 2

Coming Soon!


Thursdays 6:30 - 8:00 pm


Member: $160; Non-Member: $180


Intermediate/Advanced Level –
Advanced aspects of efficient
endurance swimming technique.
Prerequisites: completion of
Level 1 or approval from Shane

Taught by Total Immersion™
Master Coach Shane Eversfield.

Sign-up today at the Front Desk!

Swim Video Analysis

Check out the link below for a sample video.


Swim video link


Email Shane Eversfield at to schedule your swim session.


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