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Membership Options* **

Primary/Family Membership
Student Membership
Senior (60+) Membership
Police, Fire, Military Membership
(please alert our Member Services Desk upon change in your status from one membership type to another as our system does not automatically change your status)

Membership Benefits include

Access to entire workout facility, lap and warm water pools, locker rooms, group fitness and swim classes.
All new memberships come with a Personal Health Living Assessment, Consultation with Exercise Physiologist and Fitness University - tailored instruction
Highly qualified personable staff - degreed, nationally certified, and experienced leaders in the industry are available for your supervision and guidance.
No long-term contracts (month to month)
Child care available
Family-friendly, non-competitive atmosphere
10% off Rasa Spa services Monday - Thursday

Interested in membership rates and setting up a tour? Contact our Sales Department at (607) 277-3861 or email our Sales & Marketing Manager, Rachel Bogardus at

NEW Member Referral Program

Island Health & Fitness is thankful for your member referrals! In appreciation when you refer a member to us, you will get a choice of 1 free month of membership or 1 free 60 minute massage at Rasa Spa or 1 free month of babysitting.

Once your referral has stayed on as a member past the initial 30 day period you may pick up your gift from one of our friendly service associates.

Current Corporate Agreements

Cayuga Medical Center
Cayuga Medical Associates
Rasa Spa
CTB Fresh
Bangs Ambulance
Cornell University-Program for Healthy Living
And more!

Interested in setting up a corporate partnership package with us to improve the health and well-being of your employees and reduce your bottom line? Contact Rachel Bogardus at (607) 277-3861 or

Note: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rates are available - call (607) 277-3861 for details.

*Restrictions apply
**All memberships include a one-time enrollment fee and first month's dues at time of enrollment. Stop in or call for details!

Guest Policies

Guests must either furnish an applicable guest pass, or pay guest fee upon check-in to use facilities.

Island Health & Fitness is not only committed to providing a safe, clean workout facility to all of its members, we want to ensure the availability of Club facilities. All non-members must register with the front desk with proper identification and fill out a Par-Q as well as pay a guest fee to use the facility. Anyone under the age of 18 is required to have a parent or legal Guardian present to sign a liability waiver.

All members and guests of Island Health & Fitness Club must adhere and abide by all policies and procedures.

Age Requirements of Island Health & Fitness

14 years of age is club minimum


Have access to all areas of the club


Must have a guest pass or pay guest fee
Must be signed in at front desk by parent or legal guardian
Parent is not required to stay in the facility

Membership Terms and Conditions

1. The Club maintains a variety of services including strength training, cardiovascular fitness, pools and aerobic studios. From time to time mechanical problems, maintenance or other issues may arise that cause these areas to be out of service. Should any of these major areas of the Club be unavailable to members for more than 90 consecutive days, an adjustment in monthly membership rates may be made.
2. The Club retains the right to suspend or cancel this membership and/or impose fines of $25.00 plus costs on any member for violation of the following rules:
a. Theft, damage or destruction of Club property or the property of other members.
b. Failure to pay dues or charges when due, or returned check or credit card payments.
c. Fighting with or harassing other members or guests.
d. Conduct of behavior found to be offensive or unacceptable.
e. Failure to be evaluated by the Center's Medical Director for health reasons, upon request by Club's Management.
f. Any other violation of the rules of conduct as displayed in hallway bulletin board and any subsequent policies that the Club issues.
3. Members are responsible for the conduct, damages and charges of their guests.
4. The Club reserves the right to amend its rules and regulations at any time. Changes will be posted on the Club bulletin board or communicated through other appropriate means.
5. The member acknowledges and accepts the risk inherent in the use of Club services and facilities. By using the Club the member hereby assumes the risk of injury, accident, death, disability, loss cost or damage to his or her person or property that may arise from use of the Club's services or facilities. The member, his or her heirs, executors, representatives of assigns hereby release the Club from all claims or liabilities for personal injury or loss of or damage to property of any kind sustained by the member while on the premises of the Club except where this is the direct result of negligence or willful misconduct by the Club.
6. The member certifies that he or she is in good physical health and is able to undertake and engage in the physical activities, exercise or sports activities in which he or she has chosen to participate.
7. Members shall dress in an appropriate manner while in all public areas.
8. By signing the Agreement, the member agrees to adhere to and be bound by the Club's rules, to pay all fines levied for misconduct and to forfeit membership without refund of dues or initiation/assessment fees if terminated by the Club for cause.
9. The member agrees to pay, when due, all initiation/assessment fees, charges and guest charges in accordance with this Agreement and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Club. If a member should fail to pay when due, any amounts payable to the Club, then the unpaid balance will be assessed an interest charge at the rate of 1.50% per month until paid plus any penalty the Club imposes for nonpayment. Should collection efforts be required, the member shall be fully responsible for payment of all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees.
10. MEMBERSHIP FREEZE: Members may freeze their membership by requesting the Freeze in person, signing the Change form for the desired months (up to 5 months), and prepaying for the term of the Freeze.

Medical Freeze - To qualify for a Medical Freeze, a member must submit, in writing, a letter from their primary care Physician. This letter can be faxed or delivered by the Member in person. There is no freeze fee associated with a Medical Freeze. A Physician's letter is required releasing the member from the Medical Freeze. This letter can be faxed or delivered by the Member in person. While on a Medical Freeze, the member is unable to use the club.

Non-Medical Freeze - Members are eligible to freeze their membership for any reason for a duration of up to 5 months by pre-paying the freeze fee of $25.00 for the Primary or the entire account or $15.00 for just the Associate(s), with cash, credit card or check (freeze fees cannot be put on account). If monthly dues are paid through Credit Card, Member agrees that they will provide IHF with updated credit card information during the Freeze period. Member cannot terminate their membership while on Freeze. A minimum of one month's dues will be required upon reactivate from Freeze prior to Terminating, per our Termination policy (see 11. Termination Policy).

When a Member freezes their account, all complimentary guest passes on your account are frozen and cannot be used.

If a Primary Member freezes, however the Associate(s) are not freezing, one of the Associates will move into the Primary position and take over the responsibility during the Freeze duration, and the monthly rate will adjust accordingly.

All freeze requests must be in person or sent via certified mail, return receipt requested. The Island Health & Fitness Center reserves the right to change this or any other policy at its discretion. For more information on this or any other Club policy, consult the Member handbook.
11. TERMINATION POLICY: Terminations must be completed in person. Request for Terminations by phone will not be permitted. Any outstanding dues, charges and fines are immediately due and payable.
  • Terminations made by the 10th of the month shall be effective as of the first day of the following calendar month.
  • Terminations made after the 10th of the month shall be effective at the end of the following calendar month and will be subject to one month's dues.
Please note that to cancel your membership you MUST do so in person or sent via certified mail, return receipt requested before the 10th of the month prior to your cancellation request.
*** We DO NOT take cancellations over the phone or via E-mail.***
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